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RocFTA logoThe people of Rochester LOVE food trucks! So why is the city dragging their feet on improving the climate for this popular industry?

Currently, the city requires food trucks to follow confusing & contradictory vending regulations that are:

  1. A burden to existing food truck vendors

  2. A wasteful use of city resources, and

  3. A barrier to entrepreneurs looking to enter the marketplace.

Current procedures leave the majority of the city off limits to truck vendors.

While the city has extended the Downtown Pilot Program, this program is designed to place food trucks in limited, designated areas with restricted vending hours.

Private property vending is also restricted, forcing truck owners to decline opportunities to make sales through private parties, catering, and neighborhood events.

All of this means fewer affordable, fresh, creative mealtime options for you, the consumer; and robs Rochester of the many benefits food trucks have to offer.

We need your help.  If you enjoy the products and atmosphere that food trucks bring to Rochester, we hope you’ll get involved.  Support our efforts to expand Rochester’s food truck scene in a safe & commonsense way for our community.


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